Sunday, May 27, 2007

Suck Eggs

I often carry a new idea round in my head for ages before I get the courage to do it. This mostly applies to craft but often also to many other areas of my life - especially at work. Although at work I prefer to think of it as procrastination. In craft I prefer to think of it as cooking up some inspiration. Who am I kidding I'm up there with the best procrastinaters.

This idea had been swimming around in my head for a long time too, and this weekend after spending many other weekends planning to do it or thinking about planning to do it (and instead ending up sitting on the couch for an entire Sunday watching the Simpsons, reading the paper and eating hot chips for lunch) I finally got round to doing Project #8:

And here it is all packaged up and ready to add to some other gifts for a sweet little Poppy.

Shame on me for sitting on this one so long. It was easy, fun and deeply satifying because it was so quick. And even though I didn't think of this all by myself I did think about posting a tutorial but that'd be like telling all you crafty kids to suck eggs. Wouldn't it?


Shazmina Bendi said...

Love it love it love it!!!
Can you make little ensemble's for cats??? I want to dress Meena in something like this, they are sooo gorgeous!!!!

Cathy said...

they look great - I have started making a few too, thought about it a long time, and then finally did it.

samantha said...

they look good - and sometimes I need to be told how to suck eggs because I do forget :)

ingrid said...

What a lovely gift. I like to spend time 'cooking up inspiration' too.