Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Come on Over to the knit side

I have long been on a mission to co-opt people I work with into the knitting fold. So far I would consider my count to be reasonabley high both in numbers and in quality, yes quality (I know you independant women made your own choices to knit but surely my over excited fast talk about knitting and the world of stitch n bitch sparked some initial enthusiasm?).

Even after moving interstate my count continues to climb and in my current work place my quota was at 3 (not too bad considering there's hardly any women here and all the blokes are computer nerds). That is my current quota was at 3...until lunch time yesterday when I officially inducted another knitter into the fold. Things were said like

'yeah of course you can knit these booties for your nephew to be, they're so easy'
'just go buy a pair of short 3.25mm needles and some 4 ply wool'
'you could easily make the beanie too'
'don't worry about reading the pattern, I'll show you how - this was the first pattern I learned to read'

And other such influential things.

So as of yesterday my current total of colleagues converted to the knitting world is 15 and that's since 2002. Not bad huh.


Miss Dot said...

I wish I worked with you! :-)

2paw said...

Ah, the Knitting Force is strong in you......

samantha said...

wow you can really convert!
Do you need some blue fabrics? do you know what you are having? so many questions!

SadieandLance said...

Ha Sam! I don't know if I need some blue fabrics...well what I mean is I don't know if I need some blue fabric for the baby....I can always do with more fabrics for my stash for no reason at all!

Shazmina Bendi said...

You are gorgeous! And soooo modest too!! If ANYONE could turn ANYBODY on to knitting it would be you.

Anna said...

hmm.. Ive managed to convert one of my flatmates into knitting (yay! a knitting buddy).. but 15 people is exceptional!