Sunday, July 08, 2007

Can't touch this

No, you can't touch this. Thank you MC Hammer. So I'm standing at the baggage terminal at Auckland international airport after waiting 45 minutes for the baggage carosel to fire up so I could finally get to bed. Anyway after several lovely conversations with other random frustrated passengers I ended up standing next to a friendly nice woman - that is she was friendly and nice until things got way too personal and this total (although quite nice) stranger became my first 'stranger touching my pregnant belly' experience. Wowa lady you might be excited about the whole pregnancy caper and how you loved both your pregnancies but hands off my baby booty. I guess she couldn't resist me and all my 27 week glory? Could you?

Go on, you guys can pat my belly I don't mind people I know doing it - just not random strangers at baggage carosels - or anywhere else really.

Anyway despite the randomness and oddness of it all I was surprisingly less outraged than Mr S+L was when I told him. 'Get your f*&^ing hands off' he said to her retrospectively and via the international mobile phone call. Thanks sweetie, back to your cave I said.

On to other things...I did some nesting the days before we bought the house. Strangely enough I unpacked 2 of the remaining 6 packed boxes from our move 2+ years ago. Look what treasures I found:

Some of my Dad's books from when he was a kid

And my library bag from primary school - it still has my name clearly written in the hem - so hands off if you're thinking about stealing it from the bag room at little lunch


kirsty said...

For the life of me, I can't figure out why people think that's OK!!
Congratulations on the house, too. So exciting!!

samantha said...

I hated that too - since when did pregnant women become public property?! but I really do like your library bag - name or not, so you better keep it close!

Cheeky Beaks said...

Hey, my library bag had a black and white hand painted cat too!! Hands off to baby bellie touchers I say.

Majeak Ann said...

Oh that is sweet bag! I remember mine had also a kitty, but it has a "hello" on front!
I will see you around!
Marjorie Ann

Kate said...

I could never understand the touching thing either - I found it very freaky, but I'm not a cheek kisser either. I love the look of old books, they always look so enticing.

dizzyjadey said...

Oh no! I hated all those belly touchers, too, when I was pregnant. What's really creepy is not so much the patters, but the if the rubbing will bring them luck! Congratulations on the new the red door.

Di said...

You're looking great! but eeek on the stranger touching your belly experience- I didn't have that happen to me (thankfully). Even work colleagues and friends always seemed to ask first, which was very polite of them all I thought.

h&b said...

Fab baby belly - you look great !!

I never minded people touching mine, as long as - a) they were my friends, and not strangers, and b) not men ( I don't know why ).