Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stop hogging bloglines

I jumped on bloglines this morning and it seems the site is busy and I can't get anything to show up properly, just half loaded photos and sometimes even weird code. Same with blogger. So I kindly ask that you all get your arses out of bloglines and blogger so I can get my fix please.

It would seem that after receiving my ultimatum of choosing only a couple of projects for the move I've had a spurt of craftenergy, mostly directed in the way of knitting.

And of course the clap is also progressing nicely as the tram only project. I will celebrate tomorrow on the tram with a little dancing on the inside as I finally make my way into the decreasing section. Of course others are putting me to shame with their prolific knitterly ways, but I don't mind. No photos for show and tell yet.

And there's a small bit of energy being directed towards the sewing machine for this

and another ongoing project that contains strips and strips of fabric.

And I found the perfect pouch for carting around smal projects on double points

I love this pouch. It was from Justine at 62 Cherry as part of the Melbourne blog meet up in February. I can't put my finger on why I love it so much, it's just one of those things.

Now I'm buggering off to the sewing machine while Mr S+L packs another box of books - by the way pregnancy (and it's crazy ailments like random wierd hip pain that make it next to impossible to walk up and down the 2 sets of stairs in your house) are perfect excuses for getting out of packing to move house. Highly recommend it to you for next time you move.

*I'm sorry Brownpants I know I asked you to knit a pair of these for me only a matter of weeks ago cause I thought I'd never get to finish them before winter finished. But it turns out some Debbie Bliss crossed my path and I couldn't resist the urge to get these suckers on the needles and off again asap. It seems a similar DB Cashmerino Aran might have strayed into your path too? Maybe even in the exact same colour even???


Louise said...

congratulations on finding a new place - how exciting a move and a new baby :)
I just spotted the purple Bliss on Brown Pants - I wondered what was going on when I saw it again on yours...

62cherry said...

hey B
im glad you found a use for the pouch. you know why you love it so much? 'cause I pored a whole lotta love into it when I made them x

dizzyjadey said...

Ha ha ha! Reckon you can milk being preggers as much as you heavy lifting whatsoever. I got that from everyone, even when I was madly nesting and putting together flatpack furniture for the nursery because the geezer has an even worse back than me. Thanks for your comment on my blog, by the way! We had fun at the markets!

Shazmina Bendi said...

Ok, I may have finished the Clap(otis) but I havent made it to the Fetching knitting yet! Might have to make a pair to match the clap! ps HAHAHAH! YOUR FETCHINGS ARE PINK! I HAVE TURNED YOU OVER TO THE DARK (PINK) SIDE!!!

ingrid said...

hey, lucky 16, I need your details to send a package your way! email me on

I love the pink! I know you are not normally a pinb fan so it is nice to see you warming up to it's happy ways.

Rose Red said...

Your fetchings look, well, fetching. And that fabric is divine! Love it all!

samantha said...

love all the knitting - loving pink too at the moment. if only i could finish things instead of just casting new things on. I use my little 62cherry pouch in my handbag each day for emergency things like panadol, hair elastics etc - I love it too. good luck with the moving.

Cheeky Beaks said...

So much crafting going on over here. What is happening?? And you are finishing things too? You'll be booted out of AADC if you are not careful.