Saturday, July 21, 2007


I finished the beanie, see

(like my professionally stuffed beanie ready for photographing? I actually think it looks dicky but couldn't work out a better way to photograph it to prove I had in fact finished it completely)

Even sewed it up and weaved in the ends - something I usually leave for ages ever. But look what happened when I held it up to brag about my fabulous finished Rowan cotton creation to Mr S+L.... it grew!

Yes, it grew. How inconsiderate of it. It grew from being for a baby's head to at least a 3 year old (in my uneducated guess) and at a stretch should I wish to look like a crazed fashion victim it could even fit my head very very snuggly.

Serves me right for using cotton and not wool as the pattern specified. My knitting skills combined with my prego brain don't bode well for me adjusting the pattern to suit the cotton either so I don't suppose any of you can recommend a good pattern for a baby beanie using 4 ply cotton? I need another one of these babies off the needles within 2 weeks.


Bells said...

that doesn't look dickie at all. I think that's a brilliant way to demonstrate a completed beanie. I may steal it from you!

samantha said...

it looks beautiful to me - I can send you a pattern if you would like, just confirm the size - newborn? I could even send you a knitted one - you might say, here's one I prepared earlier!! oh, and that favourite shop of mine is est, and it is on auburn rd.

dizzyjadey said...

Its very cute! Won't it shrink when you throw it in the wash, being cotton...unless you've changed your mind and wanna wear it yourself. :-)

Shazmina Bendi said...

I love the colours. hmmmm not sure about a beanie pattern, will have a think and get back to you.

Lara said...

Try doubling the cotton and doing the Umbillical cord hat from Stitch 'n Bitch. It's very cute, and takes no time at all :)

Dragonfly-Crafts (Fiona) said...

Love the colours of your beanie and yes, I ask how else are you supposed to photograph them? Looks funny but shows it off well.