Thursday, August 23, 2007

We survived

Thanks for all the blog love while I was wagging (there was even some de-lurking!). I couldn't wait to get back to work so I could check my blog for comment love and your blogs for what you've been up to of course - not because I actually missed work or anything so ridiculous.

We're finally connected with a makeshift 15m long cable from the one and only phone connection (old stylee socket- ack) in the loungeroom out to the added on study with the cable neatly crossing the middle of the loungeroom and kitchen floors. Better watch out for that on my nightly expeditions from the bedroom (also at the front of the house) to the loo (next door to the study).

Anyway there's obvioulsy been no craft. A pregnant lady simply must have a compulsorary lie down after unpacking 5 CDs or 2 tins of food. And while I wasn't so handy in the box lifting department I was looking good in the stand-around-and-give-orders department, the-go-buy-lunch-and-snacks-for-the-starving-masses department, the fill-up-cups-of-water-and-leave-them-on-the-bench-for-the-thirsty-masses department and the documenting-the-move-with-some-craftily-snapped-pics department.

There was a whole lotta stairs to move some heavy stuff down, like this fridge here

and this here precious Double Dragon arcade video game - very heavy even when not full of 20c pieces

and things got lifted onto the truck - lucky we thought ahead and got the truck with the automatic lifter

there was loads of walking back and forth

and we used our bikes to save the parking space behind the truck

and then it all had to happen again at the other end

Thank goodness for good friends. Now if I could just find some time to unpack those boxes towering over me here in the study...

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