Monday, October 15, 2007

Let there be craft

Before I let there be craft.... thanks so much for all the comments about the Smurf. Thanks too for the tips from the Mums, I've already implemented a few - like the right shoulder burping tip from Snoozen - works a treat, my boy is a champion burper (when he's not spewing in his bed). OK how bout that craft?

This is someone else's craft...a good friend of ours.

There's a pacman one too, but I'll show you when we get another warm day.

Check these softies out

Oh and the craft...

It was minor, just some bigger better wraps in non vomit inducing colours (my vomit - not Murphy's he needs little help in that department). I'm a bit sick of all the pastel crap with fluffy ducks and bouncing bunnies - BORING - so I pulled out some flanelette I bought about 4 yrs ago when a good friend of mine announced her first pregnancy. It's all aliens and star wars like space ship prints. But you know I forgot to take a photo of the finished wrap ...dah baby brain. So instead here's the shoes I sewed in

Rose Red will these count for Shoesday? It's these or my thongs for shoes at the moment. Aint life exciting.

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