Thursday, November 15, 2007


That is Keep It Simple Stupid, don't you just love/hate that old high school teacher saying? Anyway my life as a new mother is reduced to KISS on a daily basis. I do anything I can to make things simpler or quicker. So (for now anyway) long gone are the indulgent long lingering evenings creating yummy concoctions in the kitchen and in their place are quick and simple creations scraped together in between feeds. But I didn't ask the deliciousness to move out oh no, just try this on for size.

Tuna Cheese Melt (inspired by my favourite cafe lunch at Palamino)

Mix together a small can of tuna, some capers, half a chopped shallot (the french ones), some lemon juice, salt, pepper, parsley and whole egg mayo.

Toast some yummy sourdough or ciabatta on one side and then spread the other side with your favourite relish or chutney

Then spread the tuna mix over the chutney and top with grated cheese. Whack it under the grill again and Bob's your Uncle.

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