Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Would I lie to you honey?

Oh no no no...

So here is the evidence that this is a craft blog. These projects are so simple I feel like it's hardly worth posting them, but the reality is that this is about as good as it gets round here at the moment. So, the wraps

and wraps in action

The purple wraps went to Yogi (Murphy's 17 week gestation cousin). My sister exclaimed how great they were...but I fessed up that all I did was overlock the edges (didn't even need to cut them out straight). ((edited: Whoops that is my Sister is 17 weeks up the duff with Murphy's cousin))

The pillow case

I find orange and white stripes handy for disguising the spew stains - unlike plain white.

I was frustrated by my lack of even edges,

But I spose that might be my fault for cutting freehand using another pillowcase as a rough guide. Besides once I turned it the right way and stuffed it with a pillow I forgot about them.

And a little bag for my small knitting projects to be stored and carted around easier.

I tried the ziplock bag approach and I loved it but now that my small knitting projects are living mostly in the lounge room and occasionally in the nappy bag I am liking the fabric storage. I'm definitely doing more of these.

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