Thursday, December 27, 2007

All over bar the shouting

Merry Festivus crafty peeps.

This train (complete with puffing smoke) is now a Christmas feature under my parents Christmas tree.

So the Christmas caper is all over bar the shouting and I have stuffed myself full of delicious baked meats, cold meats, seafood and sweets.

Santa found me and it turns out that I've been less naughty than nice.. who would've thought it? Each year Mr S+L and I set 2 categories for gifts. It's usually a book and either a toy or a CD. I love our approach to gifting, I can't wait to see what he gets me each year and this year look what he chose with no prompting at all cause I didn't even realise I wanted this so badly till after I got it.

I can't tell you how awesome this book is. I can now sing Miss Mary Mack and I know how to chair a meeting as well as maths tricks and how to play water polo (I already knew that but I was tickled pink it was included in the book). The book is smart and sweet at the same time and doesn't bow to girlie stereotypes but at the same time embraces femaleness.

Hey, back to the loot. Woo hoo Santa brought this too

And the Smurf has already made a carefully considered selection

Now all that's left to do is snooze infront of the remainder of the Boxing Day Test.

The Smurf and Pa (my Dad)

PS The real Sadie and Lance are visiting! Yipee!

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