Friday, January 04, 2008


Hello 2008,

I know you will be full of lots of firsts this year like teeth, steps, birthdays and more. But you will also be full of some first craft projects too. 2008 will be another year of fulfillment, new challenges and lots of fun. You'll also be a year full of quality time with friends and family.

2007 was a pretty amazing year for Sadieandlance. My biggest and best project ever came to fruition and provided me with the biggest challenges I have ever faced along with the greatest joys I have ever experienced.

From the craft point of view I well and truly stayed true to my attention deficent crafting with a knitted clapotis without all the ladders dropped yet, a started and not finished first sock, a started and not finished quilt and an array of exciting other half finished or half planned projects. At least I always get as far as buying the fabric/wool though - it is afterall the best bit right?

Happily I did manage in the midst of all the planned, dreamed about and half finished projects to actually complete a few and I even remembered to take photos and post about 25 of them. I also really loved writing my blog in 07. I made loads of friends - some even in real life and had hours of ego satisfying moments reading all your comments and then checking out your blogs.

Anyway 2008 I'm excited that you're here and I look forward to yet another busy but special year. And lets hope it's not the year that Australia registers a temperature anywhere of 50 degrees celcius as the TV just alluded to.


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