Sunday, September 23, 2007

The act of being caught by surprise

The act of being caught by surprise is what happens when you're 35 and a bit weeks pregnant and you're about to have breakkie on a Sunday morning before packing for a trip to Sydney to help your sister get ready for her wedding the following Saturday. It happens in the form of what you think is wetting your pants but after uncertain contemplation and a few trips to the loo you realise is actually your waters breaking. Yikes!

And eventually the act of being caught by surprise culminates in a most devinely beautiful little Murphy entering the world at 7.52pm on Thursday 13 September weighing in at a pretty decent 2880g (6 punds 6 ounces-ish) for a 36 weeker.

And so Unit 1 is now Murph the Smurf and out in the world and doing important things like eating, pooing and sleeping and we're loving it. He's a healthy beautiful boy and we are now a fully fledged family of 3.

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