Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Yay, I managed to snag myself a copy of the Mix Tape Special Edition. That's what you get when you have no meetings on a Monday morning and you can log on half an hour before it goes on sale and refresh your browser every 10 minutes to make sure you don't miss out. Who you calling desperate? Me? Oh yeah I guess.

There's still limited craftings to report on. So I thought I'd catch up some of those memey/taggy things I got tipped for recently. It was so long ago I can't even remember who tagged me now. Sam? Fiona? I was saving them up for a rainy day. It's not raining but I wouldn't complain if it was - drought etc etc.

From memory this is your top 5 places to eat. I love to eat and I love eating out and could not possibley restrict this to only five places, so I'm doing my own thing here...

COFFEE: Once upon a time in Sydney every work morning I went to a cafe in Surry Hills where the coffee was amazing and the service awesome. The guys name is Rob and we ended up trading excellent coffees for home grown chillis and other things from my garden. We bumped into each other once at a Janes Addiction gig and he gave me a massive hug and a big kiss. Rob was like a mate. Now that's what you call a good coffee experience. I miss him. But I digress.

Journal (Flinders Lane) is where I go for good coffee in Melbourne. Yum. It's not the same as Rob's cafe but the coffee is great and there's other reasons to go there too, but go discover for yourself.

JAPANESE Hako on Deagreaves lane (even though it is listed as Flinders Lane) - but I walked past on Fri nite and there's a cupcake shop opening there. Oh where have you gone Hako and why have you taken my favourite Gyoza's with you?? Any Melbournites got the news on this?
PUB GRUB: The Northcote Social Club. We are in all seriousness there every Thursday night, come say hi! Until we moved we lived quite literally 2 minutes walk across High St. Wouldn't you go there every week too if you lived that close? We now live in a pub vacuum and I miss our prior proximity to decent pubs. We still go every week though. Oh and it's not really about the food, although Mr S+L rates the parma up there with the best.

BREAKKIE : We're big fans of eating breakkie out. Not sure what will happen with that one once Unit 1 arrives. Anyway the current fav is the Organic Grocer on St Georges Rd Fitzroy North. I go back for the corn fritters (with bacon instead of smoked salmon). I'm drooling on the keyboard as I type.

CHINESE: Eat Well - This one's a Manly (Sydney) locals institution. It's just a suburban Chinese restaurant, nothing too authentic. But it's fresh, delish and the guy who runs the floor is really friendly. It's the lamb pancakes, the calamari and the shredded peking beef that does it for me the most. I crave food from this place and am yet to find a Chinese restaurant in Melbourne that does it for me like Eat Well does. I am currently writing a business proposal for interstate home delivery. Of course I'm not, but if you have any ideas let me know.

SPANISH: Movida or Bar Lourinha both have fantastic food and great wine. Both are tiny and hard to get a table at but if you time it just right (like we did on Thursday night) you can usually swing a seat at the bar. Chickpeas and spinach or the Caulliflower dish at Bar Lourinha, Lamb cutlet at Movida please.

Really good ASIAN: Longrain. In Sydney or in Melbourne really. The food here is fab and worth the price and the wait for the table. Cocktails to die for. Makes a pregnant woman cry.

LEBANESE: For the good stuff I like Abla's. Mmm mmmm mmm. Set menu of amazing home cooked leb food. And Abla is still in the kitchen and she comes and says hi during your dinner. Now for down and dirty Leb I like Abduls in Surry Hills, Sydney. The crankiest guys in the business who like to leer at the belly dancers on a Saturday night. But the food's ace and the place has a special 'ambience' about it. Best Felafels. I had a birthday party in the cushion room once which was heaps of fun.

OK that'll do you for now. I'm not going to tag anyone seeing as I sat on this for so long. But feel free to invite me along (your shout?) if you're headed out to any of these places sometime soon.

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