Saturday, January 05, 2008

She's SO last year

I got my obligatory New Year post over and done with but I'm going briefly back in time to Christmas to show you the stockings hung across Mum and Dad's fireplace.

Congrats to Rose Red who was the first to guess that I am Petal (my childhood nickname). Monster is my Sister, Yogi is what we call my sisters bun in the oven and Kimbo is my Mum...I think that covers most of the guesses. Just for interest, Marky is Dad, Matthew is Mr S+L, Deano is my Brother in Law and Murphy well you know that one already.

We had a lovely time north of the border. I essentially became just a set of boobs as the Grandparents fussed over and entertained the smurf. It was a lovely first christmas for our little family.

We ended the holiday with breakkie at this little gem of a place on Narrabeen Lake. The food was nothing to talk about but the view was yummy

Just before we headed up to the cafe I received a package from the Knittery (thanks to a recommendation). Maybe the excitement of opening it up to see my new silk merino made the whole breakfast experience all the more sweeter?

Each of these skeins are destined for clapotis greatness. One knitted by me and one knitted by Sadie (Grandma).

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