Saturday, December 08, 2007

Bust in out

I've busted out the clean up skills over the past week. I have a way to go but I invite anyone in Melbourne to assist me in my efforts by taking these babies off my hands

A couple of years worth of Bust mags and a few Ready Made mags thrown in for good measure. Bust rocks and I love her so. I have kept my copies because I love her so and I always think I'll go back and re-read them...but the clean up fairy told me if you aint read em in the past 12 months then you gotta get rid of them.

So I thought one of you pinko-femmo-thinkin' chicks (who also likes a smudge of lippy now and then) might like to take them off my hands. I can't afford to post them so probably best if you're in Melbourne. - unless you outta towners have a good proposition for me of course.

Now get out of my way I'm off to decorate our christmas tree and yes there's some new handmade decos this yr, but you'll have to wait for those a little bit longer. Ho Ho Ho

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