Monday, January 28, 2008


We've had a bit of a nothing weekend which is both nice and kinda shits me. It's nice to relax and enjoy doing not much but then it's shitty when you get to the end of the weekend and have achieved nothing. It's not that I've achieved nothing at all, we've done lots, we bought a new cloud

To go with some existing clouds

And there was even a spot of toy shopping

But there was no craft other than a few lines of knitting in front of the West Wing and it was so little it hardly counts. And it's hardly what I would expect to achieve in a long weekend. I think that's my problem, I set myself up all the time with unrealsitic ideas and lists of all these things I'm going to achieve and then when I manage to only get the washing, cooking and some cleaning done I get all shitty with myself and everyone around me. Yeah, that's my problem. I better go and tell Mr S+L that's why I've been in such a strop all weekend lest he chuck me and my craft stash out the window for being such a shit head all weekend. And tomorrow I better write a list of things I want to achieve and then cross them off as I go so I can feel like I'm not a total failure.

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