Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dontcha love it?

I do. Blog peeps that is, crafty blog peeps to be precise. Two weeks ago I met up with Justine and Nichola to hand over some mags and have a coffee. I can't believe that in the 3 years I've been in Melbourne this was the first time I've spent time with these guys properly...and now we're moving back to Sydney. Boo. At least I can look forward to meeting some new (to me) Sydney crafty peeps and catching up with some old girls.

And next week I'm meeting a newly Melbourne girl Corrie. I'm excited. I'm trying to get the nerve up to ask if I can size up the Retro Mummy shop merch and maybe even do a spot of personal shopping. Here's hoping.

Anyway as you can read I'm out of my strop. Your comments helped (my ego) and I got some stuff ticked off my list and I felt better (still no craft but I'm hoping to remedy that tonight). And today I had Mothers Group here at our place which was fun. I even baked some brownies - well maybe whities?

Now I can see that they look like little blocks of moulded baby poo but trust me they are in fact white chocolate and almond brownies and they taste like caramel deliciousness. They're evil, the kind of evil that you go back for just one more even when it's the 5th one you've eaten in one day.

Now before I go, I do believe in Fairies, I do believe in Fairies.

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