Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Things that make me go mmmm

New toys made for a most gorgeous blondie.

Meeting Corrie and sharing lunch and much excited conversation. Corrie are you sure we haven't known each other for years? It felt that way to me!

Feeling up Corrie's fabrics in person. Jealous much? (Oh and buying my fair share too).

Finishing sewing the pieces together for my first proper quilt

Almonds fresh from our almond tree in the backyard. Kindly picked by the cockatoos. They don't taste the greatest but who cares, I have an almond tree!

Waiting for the peaches, figs and walnuts to be ready

Fresh picked plums from the neighbourino's tree*

Fresh baked bread for meeting up with new friends (and their fabric)

*I pity the fool who's moving away from this sweet neighbourhood.

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