Sunday, February 10, 2008

Running the supplies to empty

And here's Saturday's results:

Neenish Tarts! Oh my! My first attempt and I must say once again no need to pat me on the back for the self congratulation is off the scale over here. I presided over my tarts at our picnic on Saturday like some crazy Lebanese aunt forcing everyone to eat eat eat the tarts.

(also featured above in my running the supplies to empty week is margarita pizza, chorizo and mushroom quiche and not seen is choc raisin muesli slice and marshmallow jam tarts. Yikes! Geez I love a good picnic and my idea of a good picnic is making lots of food to share and then stuffing my gob like there's no tomorrow.

Apparently the Australian Cricket team were playing in the park too, see that's them below.

Well that's what our friends' cricket crazy 3 year old thought and no one was ruining that one for him by telling him it was actually a bunch of over weight balding middle aged local blokes.

And this is what the Smurf thought of the whole shebang (and the need to wear a hoodie at a summer picnic).

Now I'm off to tackle this shebang.

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