Monday, March 03, 2008

Monkey See Monkey Do

Inspired by my new softies book and by Jade's prolific output of these little guys a while back I put one of those cute little monkeys together for Yogi's baby shower back in January.

Oh sorry yeah Yogi is what we call my Sister's bun in the oven. She called the Smurf Boo Boo (she didn't like Unit 1) so of course when she got up the duff Yogi seemed the logical name.

Hmm now I'm sposed to be playing the This Is game...but with the move and stuff I've been a bit off track, actually I didn't even manage to start. So sorry if you've stopped by looking for what I had for Sunday lunch or what my inspiration board is...but thanks for stopping by anyway - I'll try and get on with it although it is a little hard with all our belongings in storage.

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