Saturday, March 15, 2008

This is and DAMN

Damn. Things have been upside down and chaotic around here. Stuff. Lots of stuff. It all culminated on Friday. The lead up to it went like this.
- Read local rag on Thursday while giving the Smurf some boob.
- See Scragfight (Spotlight) ad saying 50% off everything and new store opening elsewhere on Monday.
- Make mental plan to go Friday arvo.
- Head off on my own (Smurf sleeping under watchful eye of Pa) make mental plan of what to buy, is a $20 budget too ridiculous for a sale? I am on a budget after all. Can I actually even restrict myself to $20? Ah deal with it when I see the goods.
- Get sweet parking spot right at front door on Friday afternoon
- Take the escalators to the Scragfight doors and see sign saying "50% off, everything must go by 5.30 Fri". Notice people leaving and nearly falling down the escalators they're so laiden with goods. Mental note to self " some people can't restrain themselves in a sale"
- Enter the store to see that the entire


is completely emtpy

other than the scavengers picking over the rubbish

Literally picking over the rubbish. Scragfight indeed!

And it wasn't even 4.30 yet. I still had an hour to snap up 20 bucks worth of bargains. I am still kicking myself I didn't go on Thursday night. Imagine the bargains. People were walking out of there with shopping trolleys full of fabrics having paid mere tens of dollars. Bolts of fabrics were $5. $5 people. Stop reading now, I know I'm even annoying myself here.

You know I haven't even shopped at Spotlight for ages since they had that whole work choices thing go down. But apparently they reversed their crappy pay decision and it was OK to shop at Scragfight again and this was my first expedition.

Oh sorry did you drop by for some This Is? Wondering if I finally got my shit together to post after joining weeks ago? Well This Is looking out my front door

OK ok I know it's my Melbourne front door and we don't live there anymore. OK so this is looking out my temporary front door.

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