Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Chocoholiday

This is my creation

Dar as if you didn't guess I'd be using the Smurf for that one. Immensly unoriginal there. Anyway my little Murphy Pie is 6 months old now. He laughs when tickled, spits out real food like a critic at a bad restaurant and has 2 teeth that could cut through metal (or my nipples, either or). My Smurf is growing up.

I've had a lovely week to balance out a shittier last week. I've met up with some sweet craft girls (you 2 Brown Pants) for stitching and bitching

These crafty ladies have a sweet tradition of show and tell at the beginning of each "meet". In the space of 2 weeks I have managed to fondle some Malabrigo (ooolala) and socks that rock all as part of show and tell. Yay me. I chose to be submissive and brought sewing things to show and tell this week, The Bend The Rules Sewing book and some linen trims etc. Naughty naughty! These ladies are also handy at helping me figure out simple spots in my knitting pattern that I can't figure out. Aren't they sweet. No photos of my current knitting yet, maybe soon?

And I've been for some walks in places like this

I lie, it was only one walk, it was today but the photo is really where I walked.

Now, I'm off on Easter holidays tomorrow - woo hoo. May the Easter Bunny find me and find me good (oh and you too if you like). What are you doing for your holidays?

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