Wednesday, March 26, 2008



Do it quick. I saw this and it made my heart sing. I have been avoiding bias binding for about 7 years after spending much time swearing at the machine/myself/the bias binding while trying to use it and work out techniques for it. And don't tell me I should have just hand sewn it - NO WAY JOSE.

Anyway I am filled with a burning overwhelming desire to get to the shops NOW to buy mountains of bias tape (mine is all in storage) and sew endless pieces of fabric and bias binding together, just fabric and bias binding, ya know, just for fun.

But the Smurf is sleeping, I am carless and it is closing time at the shops. So instead I am offloading on you guys. Thanks for listening, I'm off to find some valiuum or something to calm my nerves.

Bias Bias Bias.

PS Easter holiday was fun. I took lots of snaps on the phone. Kept thinking 'maybe the blog peeps would like to see this pretty view/my cute son/poignant knitting shot'. See, always thinking of you.

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