Thursday, April 03, 2008

Confessions of a teenage love rat

Hmm I'm not a teenager, nor am a I love rat (what ever that is?), I just thought that sounded like a good blog title.

I do have a confession though. There has been very little crafting going on round here. When we moved we decided to temporarily stay with my parents so we could save money for another house deposit. So, our belongings went into storage and I streamlined my craft supplies to a travelling stash of 2 green bags. TWO green bags, are you proud of me? But my crafting mojo seems to have been put into storage too. Boo. I'm over having no mojo (and no where to set myself up to craft). And so my blogging mojo is also in storage. More whinging to come in a later post.

Although, there was a teeny tiny bit of knitting at Easter in the car on the way from Melbourne airport to Warnambool

Did you know that Warnambool has this weird illuminated cross on top of a factory?

And Warnambool's a good base for a day trip to the Great Ocean Road

And at the Port Campbell community shop there is ridiculously under priced crafts made by local women

that's a $12.50 handknitted baby cardy there.

And Warnambool has it's very own Cheese World!

Which I insisted we MUST visit. And look, it has it's very own big Milkshake complete with straw!

And we were reminded that while it has been raining (and raining) in some parts there's still lots of drought about.

Now if you could send me some 'get your craft mojo back' vibes that would be great. That or tips on how to live harmoniously with your parents after moving out of home a very very long time ago. Thanks, all tips appreciated.

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