Monday, April 07, 2008

The Mojo

Thanks for the mojo vibes, it worked a treat along with a Friday morning outing to meet with some Sydney crafty bloggers . We chatted craft, Japan (extensively!), fabric, knitting, and serious craft world current affairs. it was so great to put a face to a blog and also great to be included in the Sydney blog scene so quickly. You gals are alright! We all brought a little gift to swap and I scored a gorgeous gift from Belinda

I left with a massive smile on my face and my mojo in my sights. I capitalised on my newfound energies and suggested a little gathering of others on Sunday. Lo and behold I managed to knit 10 rows and that was even with the Smurf as my date! Only when I picked up my knitting later last night I realised I stuffed up on the new section. Usually under these circumstances I would quietly put the project away and pretend it's not there till I next see the knitting gurus. But no not this time, not me! I taught myself how to pick up stitches and frogged back to the bit I made the mistake and away I went again. I surprise even myself!

There was also a small matter of a gift voucher bday present that may also have contributed to the return of my mojo!

I should be able to implement most of your suggestions for my mojo returning with this baby.

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