Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Out Yourself

So armed with my newly rediscovered mojo I cut out some fabric last night ready for a quilt. While I was digging around my depleted stash I discovered this in progress hand sewn felt counting book

Whoops I started this 3 and a half years ago for my first nephew. I then reallocated it as a gift for my second nephew the year before last. I then deferred it to my own son last year. I now find myself contemplating deferring the still yet to be finished project to my newest nephew born last week. So it got me thinking about my Attention Deficient Crafting ways. I haven't talked much about the AADC (Association of Attention Deficient Crafters) for quite some time (although Kristen called me on it a while back). Here's a prime example:

I cut the pieces for page 8 (there's 10 pages in total) complete with an alternative shape (the random fish in the middle) and I even layed it out. Then I quietly closed it up inside a book where it stayed for about oh 2 and a half years give or take. I recall putting it in there cause I didn't like the pencils and thought they'd be a pain in my arse to hand sew.

You do it too though don't you? Pretend things aren't there when they get a bit tricky/you lose interest/pick up some thing newer and more exciting etc? I've heard a few mumours around blog land about it so I know I'm no lone queen of procrastination.

Well, feel free to unburden yourself by joining the Association of Attention Deficient Crafters over at Flickr. Just post a photo of your best attention deficient crafting efforts/longest going project/most half arsed craft attempt. Oh and while you're at it if your attention span lasts long enough lets see you out yourself on your blog. Let me know in the comments that you're outing yourself so I can see how I compare!

Spread the word it's cool to be an attention deficient crafter.

Now anyone want to stand as a committee member for the Association? You'll never have to do a thing cause we'll just procrastinate about organising stuff ok.

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