Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day breakkie.

Woo hoo, my first Mother's Day and wasn't it sweet. The best part of it was that somehow the Smurf miraculously managed to sleep in. Longest sleep in ever! I graciously thanked Daddy Sadieandlance for organising it but we all know it's truly a random happening. Although strangely my little 6 week old nephew also slept his longest stretch that night too. Perhaps it was the chicken schnitzel dinner Dad cooked us all for early Mum's Day celebrations on Saturday night?

Anyway I needed that sleep in as I was up awfully late finishing hand stitching one of those quilts I've been working on (More on that later this week). It was for another nephew's first b'day which we also celebrated on Mother's Day.

Bet your breakkie wasn't as yum as mine - or maybe it was but I bet you it wasn't made with blue (!) eggs from the farmer's market? Just the shells were blue. All the same on the inside. Apparently just a silvery hen that produces a blue shell - just a touch of blue, nothing radical.

Hope you all had a lovely day with your own Mum's.

PS Malabrigo is destined for a hat for me - I think. Either that or some new fetchings. Can't decide. Feel free to make other suggestions!

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