Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm finished

Yep that's right, me finished something! All from start to finish, all me.

Granted I cut some corners, like not binding it:

But I hand stitched it and I'm satisfied with that.

I had my usual AADC issues and also my usual moments of 'this handcrafted gift is a piece o' shit, I better just put it back in the old to do pile where I can forget about it for a few years'. But lucky I've got a personal cheer squad who reminds me that it's 'not as bad as I think and just bloody well get on with it OK'.

And then I wrapped it and off we went to the partay where I placed it amongst the birthday booty

and when it was opened there were squeaks of delight (from Mum and other party guests - bday boy was busy getting happy with the envelopes). It was declared that I should have another kid cause I've got too much time on my hands if I can manage to make something like that. Har, I didn't tell them about all my corner cutting nor that I was up till after 1am that morning finishing off the hand stitching. But whatever I felt smug.

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