Monday, May 19, 2008

Watashi no puresento

My Presents! Cause it's good to spoil yourself and sew a present for you for once instead of the Monkey Union

And to splurge a mere 25 bucks on yourself for one of these babies

Maybe your family can be as happy as this one if you too have your very own Gocco?

What a lark! A family that Gocco's together stays together - or at the very least smiles cheesily together.

It's all justfiable because it's perfectly OK to sew yourself a Mother's Day Present and buying yourself a cheap second hand Gocco will make you think happy thoughts even when you're walking like a broken old lady with a carrot up her arse (hello google weirdos) thanks to your sore back.

PS The Monkey Union isn't exclusively Monkeys, incase you were wondering? The membership is quite diverse, but it belongs to Mr S+L and Miss Priss up there is living on my side of the bedroom. Just incase you needed to know?

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