Saturday, May 24, 2008

Music is my boyfriend

And now my music can be your boyfriend too.

I signed up for a CD swap recently and I received a bunch of awesome Chick Mixes. Here's my 'All the Girls' mix:

I didn't quite follow the rules - I included 12 not 10 tracks of all time favourite Girls doing the music thing. Rebelious I know. I also wasn't able to quite include all my absolute favs with my CD collection living in storage, but still I was pretty happy with my mix.

Anyway, people put so much effort into their mixes and especially into the presentation:

Me being so embracing of le technologee and all, once I have uploaded my mix I usually don't go back to the CD again. So I was thinking this collection deserves to have a life beyond my desk. So, can you prove your worth as a good home to adopt these mixed CDs? Leave a comment with your fav chick song and I'll pick one person to take all. Note this is not the same concept as a chick flick...think fav lead singer, fav all grrrrl band etc. Although one clever girl did do a mix of songs about girls. Oh and the music on the mixes is really diverse, really truly diverse so don't worry if you're put off by my selection above.

Oh and if you win this pack maybe you'll send your new 'boyfriend' onto someone else in the blogosphere too?

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