Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Birthday parties... did I tell you the party is for twins?

It's raining birthday parties this week, little girl birthday parties. I thought some Black Apple action would be in order for the one year old and the 2 year old. The parties were today back to back and on opposite sides of the city.

Present making was all on track, fabric cut, stuffing ready to go, machine plugged in. Roll clock forward through dinner, a couple of sneaky beers, some feet up time on the couch to 9.30pm when Mr S+L has a brain wave. I think the 2 year old is actually twins. What the fark I say? Twins? You forgot to tell me? Now I need to make 3 dolls?! Geez I was about to go to bed. So I drag him upstairs thrust the scissors in his hand and demand: "CUT" "HURRRRRRRRRRRY!". And finally we got to bed ready with three dolls ready to be stuffed and finished in the morning after breakkie.

I allocated the travel time to the twins' party across the city for final sewing together of gaps and stitching on the faces. But um I forgot to account for time to get car sick. Blag. Imagine that, getting car sick for the first time in your life because you're desperately trying to finish off the last minute hand made pressies for the twins you thought were only one child just a matter of hours before. Arrggg.

I had to contemplate arriving without a present(s) to a lovely party in a wonderfully warm welcoming house full of people I'd never met before (Mr S+L's work friend) - the sheer embarrassment. Lucky I found a quiet 5 minutes to make a phone call escape to the car to finish and wrap before we had to leave.

And we made it to the second party back on the original side of the city, albeit 10 minutes before the finish time. But for obvious reasons I have no finished doll photos to show.

The Smurf couldn't have cared less about the present debacle and thoroughly enjoyed himself at both dos, laughing, making friends with a 6 week old staffy puppy (oh and other kids), eating tiny morsels of bday cake and doing some context appropriate clapping at the clown.

And so begins our new life on the kids birthday party circuit. And I'll forever more check and double check the number of children celebrating at each event.

PS We bagged the lolly bags. Sweet.

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