Sunday, July 06, 2008

Slowly slowly slowly said the sloth

I had every intention of finishing this cardy by the time my nephew was born.

I didn't finish by the time I originally hoped but I am pleased to tell you that I finished almost exactly 9 months before his first birthday. Yay me.

Pattern: from an old Women's Weekly baby knitting book given to me last year by Ingrid. I can't show you it or tell you the name because I copied the pattern into my notebook and then packed the book away into storage. It's a great book full of nice knits made with bad eighties colours and yarns.

Yarn: Naturally Haven. 4 ply 100% NZ Merino. 2 and a tiny bit balls. I had to dial into Clegs to get me another ball to finish the hood. I contemplated many avoidance tactics (hello AADC!) in lieu of buying another ball of wool...smaller hood, no hood, give up etc...but in the end I bit the bullet and bought the extra ball.

Sticks: My favouritest of favourite sticks. Sadie's Mum's tortoiseshell sticks. I deliberately seek out patterns that require these sticks just so I can knit with them.

Time: Umm I already told you that, don't embarrass me by making me say it again!

What I learnt:
- Some people are excellent assistant button selectors.
- I should just suck it and get on with knitting when I'm working on these projects.
- I can finish a knitted garment AND give it as a gift. (This is the very first knitted garment I have finished and actually been happy enough with to give it away. I have, despite my ADC tendencies, finished other garments but have always felt they were too inferior to gift. I also usually then find them in amongst the stash months later and wonder what the hell I was thinking)

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