Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And so I threw a part-ay

The Smurf thanks you for all his sweet birthday wishes. He was quite taken with the whole centre of attention thing.

And so there was a happy birthday party for the two men of Casa Sadieandlance (if I'd made time to finish writing the birth story you'd already know that The Smurf and Mr S+L almost share a birthday). It was one of those crazy 'really for the parents' parties as all 1st birthdays are and I reveled in the invite list of (no kidding) 100+ people. We tacked on a homemade naming ceremony just so we didn't feel like complete self indulgent idiots, I mean shit who invites 100 people to a first birthday? A naming ceremony however, that passes.

Anyway it was about 70 people in the end and I catered the thing. I was in-my-element. I love this kinda stuff. I had a to do list for the week leading up to it and a running list for the actual day (thankfully no GANTT chart Hoppo cause that would be crazy). Even forecasted thunderstorms couldn't deter me - although they did mightily piss me off making me find a last minute wet weather venue.

There was time to squeeze in a little party related crafting - a happy birthday banner, non specific so it can be applied to other future birthday events - NONE of which will EVER have an invite list even close to 100.

The cake bible was consulted and with two boys needing cakes I kept it simple. Banana for the Smurf and very basic chocolate for the Man. Although perhaps I should have made that GANTT chart because I somehow forgot to take the birthday candles. Luckily the nephew is adept at the world of make believe and did a mighty job of imagining the lit candle. The spitting/blowing was real.

The Smurf partook in some cake eating smooshing into the floor and amidst the grand unveiling of the presents (read: rip shit tear by all available ankle biters) retired under a nearby table to quietly be with his cake and eat his shoe.

I contemplated crawling in there with him at one point - that present mayhem was nuts!

Overall there was much joy, plenty of face stuffing, a couple of tears, one vomit, general mayhem and presents to boot (although I have my distinct favourites -you know who you are. ...see drum in the under table shot above).

Present: handpainted blocks! Woo Hoo! There were more favs than this, it's just these ones that were photographed.

And thank fark there was a thunderstorm after the informal formalities to justify the hire of the community centre.

Right so that's done. Now who's writing the thank you cards?

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