Thursday, November 06, 2008

Slowly slowly slowly said the Sloth

This will be a photo heavy post. We've had a rough week involving a late night dash to emergency followed by an anxiety ridden 36 hours. We met every possible doctor at one hospital before taking a 3.30am ride in an ambulance to another hospital. Needless to say it was a difficult 36 hours that, at the time, felt more like 36 weeks. Asthma is a nasty, nasty beast, especially in a child. Thankfully we're all OK now and slowly catching up on lost sleep, mending our fragile emotions and keeping a careful ear on breaths in and out.

Now about that craft weekend adventure. This could all be a bit random again.

Above? That's about all I managed to achieve on our craft weekend, as I was accompanied by the Smurf. Still the feet up time and good company were much appreciated.

This below? That's the amazing view of the Blue Mountains and Megalong Valley from our kitchen window. The lounge room view was even more spectacular. Look carefully you can see some sheer cliff faces. Amazing.

We ate some trash dip. This is famous in my real life. Everyone loves some trash dip. Best dip ever. EVER.

The Smurf got to wear a beautiful yarn necklace. Lucky for him our weekend housemate loves him enough to indulge such crazed accessorising.

Here's our beautiful housemate winding some yarn with her yarn assistant

Oh, I did manage to make myself a yarn cake

Um this is how you should eat trash dip - pile it up baby! No delicate dip in dip out, get as much as you can on there before it gets eaten by everyone else.

And a little bit of Toy Society stuff.

Beyond craft there was chatting, music, great company and a beautiful view. More than enough projects to keep us occupied. I even managed to cut some fabric for a log cabin project. Wooh.

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