Monday, November 10, 2008

Thoughts from a Monday morning traffic jam

A small selection of my dolls furniture, found in a box of duplo stored ready for the arrival of my Mum's grand kids.

Three Mondays in a row now I've been stuck in a traffic jam. Same piece of road. Two weeks ago, huzzah, my boss was also stuck in the same jam and he called to say was giving in, chucking a u-ey and working from home. Good enough for me. This week? No such luck. TWO HOUR drive to work (usually takes an hour). There was plenty of time for loud music, a lengthy catch up phone call with a Melbourne friend and thoughts from a traffic jam, including:

- I just saw a bunny, a black bunny, in the depth of the burbs, right next to the three lanes of traffic jam.

- I hate traffic

- I'm feeling happy

- I'm feeling cynical

- Gawd I'm loving FBI, especially the morning show. Hello 'Up For It' your show kicks and I especially heart the 'Sounds of Science' segment. Makes me feel a bit nerdy.

- Must order next Mixtape issue. Really should subscribe. Must add to Christmas list.

- Write Christmas list

- The traffic is so bad I could get out my notebook and write these thoughts down so I can blog them tonight

- Writing while driving creeping in traffic is a bit dangerous

- Is petrol really under $1.20? Wow. I remember this time last year when that felt like a massive budget stretch. Now, apparently, it's cheap as chips.

- What christmas decorations/presents will I make this year...

- I should call Kate

And I did, call Kate that is. And that, my friends, is a small string of my actual thoughts from a Monday morning traffic jam.

PS Thanks for all your Smurfy comments. We're all back on track now and the Smurf is breathing fine. Trash Dip recipe coming soon!

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