Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry...line please

Just kidding, I know my line, it's Merry Christmas! It's just with the circa 100 Toy Society posts this week, the finding(and signing a lease on) a new place to live (thank gawd we're heading back to the real world finally!), making baking and shaking, a Smurf, last minute christmas shopping....blah blah blag sorry you're all living it I know.

Anyway, thanks for making my time at Sadieandlance in 2008 great. Yuse are simply the best. Have a great christmas time- whatever you're doing.

Wishing you a Happy 2009 full of competed craft projects, delicious baked goods, clean crisp arty photos for your blog and hilariously entertaining blog posts. See you in 09 when I promise I'll try to click out of bloglines and maybe post the odd comment on your blog. I'm the silent one in your stat counter.

PS Shazmina Bendi - sorry I couldn't quite get myself sorted to send your chrissy present BEFORE christmas. I'll make it up to you some how.

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