Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year

White chocolate almond brownies (whites? Blondies). Recipe here, I challenge you to get the mixture to the oven in its entirety - I usually eat half before I get the tray in the oven.

Hello 2009. I'm not sure what you'll bring but I'm aiming for good health, happiness, fun times and perhaps another special project even?

As I looked back on all my posts from 2008 I see that I had 19 "Project 2008" posts. There may have been room for more but starting The Toy Society was perhaps my greatest 2008 project and my most time consuming. I'm working on finding some ways to make The Toy Society a little less time consuming this year so I'll have time to make more craft. Sadieandlance will continue to be my personal craft blogging retreat and so The Toy Society will continue to be separate. I quite like it that way and I don't mention this blog over there either - so it's just you and me here, okay?

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