Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello stranger

I always read about bloggers taking impromptu breaks and how much they enjoyed it, now I understand. I didn't mean it either, but that's OK. We moved house (again, yep). Combined lack of internet access (hello telco, does 1.5 weeks wait and 6 hours worth of phone calls sound like a reasonable installation time for a simple broadband relocation?), loss of camera (temporarily I hope), and overwhelmingly high percentage of overall moving box count allocated to an excessively large fabric/wool/craft stash have contributed to lack of crafting mojo and I've got to say I don't mind. But I guess I can say that because the mojo is sneaking back.

Random photo above I know; it's all I've got right now and actually I'm quite proud of the 2008 Christmas Gingerbread men.

Now I best hurry to bed, the Smurf has taken to neck punching/hair pulling/belly button finding and poking when he comes into our bed for a ludicrously early morning cuddle/rumble.

PS maybe I'll stay up to keep watching the Obama inauguration? Maybe? Feels momentous.

PPS oooo excitement, Sadie's coming to stay for 2 nights tomorrow night! Yippeeeee.

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