Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dining out over for us*. Hopefully for the time being only. Last night we went to an old favourite (a nice reason to be back in Sydney). We went at kiddie hour and everything but it was no help. The Smurf ate a scarce few mouthfuls of lentil rice (yum!) and none of the endless delicious yum yums on offer (although before they all arrived at the table he was of the opinion that he simply must try the pickled chilli).

He preferred touching up every table in the joint and playing peekaboo/chasing/hide and seek with the very sweet and awfully obliging waiter. I've never eaten dinner so fast in my life (and yet I still enjoyed it).

Don't cry for us, turns out daytime trips, to the likes of the Museum of Australia, will take the place of dining out.

Falafel? NO. Dinosaurs? YES!

Hummus and tabbouleh? Gawd no. Skeleton room? Shit yeah!

Lady Fingers? Blag. Train rides? Woo yeah!

I found the camera, obviously. In my work bag. I swear I already looked there many times before I actually found it.

* We'll be back at Abduls, we love it too much to stay away. Everything else we'll be ordering in though.

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