Sunday, March 22, 2009

Working with Real Dough

I quite enjoy a dabble in the land of playdough. My specialty? A duck; complete with tail, wings and beak (quack, quack). What really floats my boat though is the land of real dough. I've been busting to get my hands on this ever since I saw Kate talking about her bread.

I dabbled in some interim loaves while I waited for my copy to arrive at Kinokuniya:

I've tried many homemade bread recipes over time, and although I found Nigella's white dinner rolls (above) to be a home baked revelation, for me Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day is where-it's-at.

The recipe base follows the same process as the No Knead bread but this book gives you permission to store your dough for up to 2 weeks! Just cut a bit off each day and bake away. And still no kneading!

So far I've tried the basic dough and done a few different types of loaves, a "rustic" loaf (below) and the Focaccia above. This is the best tasting home made bread I've ever had - and it's so easy to make.

And in about 1 hr the next batch, olive oil dough, will be ready to move to the fridge. And all I did was throw some ingredients in a container, mix with my hands for a bit and leave on the bench!

Move over Martha I'm a working Mum baking homemade bread whenever I feel like it!

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