Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CA, that's Crocheters Anonymous for the uninitiated

Hi, my name's Sadieandlance and I'm a crochet-aholic.

My addiction started only about 2 and a half weeks ago when I got my first* taste. Here I am in the midst of my very first chains.

I just can't get enough of the hook and yarn combo. I'm neglecting my other projects

Those other inferior projects have been relegated to the car where I can't crochet because I have to watch what I'm doing and if I do that I risk getting car sick. And if I get car sick well then maybe there'll be less time for crochet.

All I can think about is my next loop.

While visiting Sadie last weekend she taught me to increase and decrease and now I've got competing loves - granny or zig zag.

And these aren't mine, but one simple word to Sadie and now my house is full of her beautiful crochet.

The bottom blanket is made from 'scraps' of Sadie's hand spun - as in spun by Sadie - and crocheted by my Great Aunt. Special.

Thanks for listening, it helps to share. I'll see you at the next CA meeting.

*ok so technically it was the fourth time I've attempted to learn to crochet. Each teacher equally talented with a hook. I feared I had a crochet disability and forewarned the talented teacher. "I always end up holding my hook like I'm knitting", "I can't understand which hole to go into" I get confused about how yarn over seems to be backwards to me" blah blah blah. She bravely persevered regardless. Lucky me.

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