Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Long Time Ago

I made a little plan. Look at the date on that link, seriously that was a long time ago for fabric - cut and interfaced - to sit waiting for attention. Finally, I found the love and overcame my self-imposed concern about how to actually put the thing together.

I know, I know I could have just bought a pattern, or checked the information super highway for free tutorials, but I like the thrill of trying to figure stuff out, okay.

So, I finally figured it out and I've got to say I'm in love with this little backpack, and The Smurf is too. He wants to cram all his worldly possessions in there (other than his harmonica and lollipop, of course), note to self use heavier interfacing next time to accommodate the resident book worm and his many books.

The Three Bears fabric was from RetroMummy (bought in early 2008) and the lining a simple cotton. You can see the pattern pieces here - just a drawing. It was all very straight forward.

Next time, of yes there will be a next time, I'll add some elastic to the edges of the side pockets, an internal zip pocket and will line it a little differently. Just saying that here so I remember when I try another one.

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