Sunday, February 14, 2010

For me

It's been stinking hot with humidity here lately. It's just the usual February stuff, but I'm not a fan of feeling wet all day, so I complain. And today I made a dress. It's been on my to sew list for months. Two rectangles of fine cotton gingham; lined with a handy combo of white cotton and medium red gingham; lines of shirring at the top; re-enforced; then side seams overlocked together and then re-enforced again.

A couple of those pesky lines of shirring popped out of their re-re-enforced seams, so a bit of make-it-up-as-you-go sewing complete with profanities and feet stomping ensued.

The end product is a dress I can wear on hot days, especially when I get home from work and want to step into as little as possible, but still appear decent just in case the neighbours cop an eyeful while I'm hanging the washing on the line. Works well sans bra too, but that's just for me and the neighbours to see, sorry.

The Smurf took it upon himself to sneak into the photos and copy my pose. He appeared just after this one with his bike too. Little tiger.

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