Saturday, February 20, 2010

On Comments

Argh. I'm cranky. Have you commented on my blog lately? Been greeted by the annoying JS Kit comments system? Sorry about that. You see a few years ago I uploaded the Haloscan comments system to my blog. It was free, simple, stable and allowed me to reply to people by email. It really was the perfect commenting system for a craft blog - at a time when blogger didn't attribute email addresses to profiles.

Last year Haloscan was bought out by JS Kit who recently decided to lay Haloscan to rest - without any consultation of their users. They gave little warning, no useful way to import existing comments into blogger and therefore no real options other than to sign up to their paid (and lousy) JS Kit service - or lose all comments from your blog. Nice huh.

I've always hated commenting on blogs with JS Kit, I found it clunky and annoying.

But, faced with the possibility of having no historical comments on my blog or paying for a service I hate, I've chosen the service I hate. When I started this blog I did so for me, as a way to keep track of my crafty pursuits, projects tried, failures and fun. That's all, just for me. But some lovely people have dropped by over the years (PS did you know my blog is....GASP...5 years old this year!) and left some nice comments and well I don't want to lose that history - and ahem ego boost.

So, I'm desperately sorry for subjecting you to the shyte that is JS Kit. I am holding out in hope that the community comes up with a fix for loading comments into blogger. If you hear of anything, let me know.

Now I'm off to cheer myself up by making some banana icecream, meringues, falafel, beef kofta, hommus and tabbouleh for a BBQ tomorrow.

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