Sunday, February 21, 2010

When there are egg whites

Make meringues! My freezer is full of egg whites at the moment, courtesy of the fun we're having with the new icecream maker I got for Christmas. My standby (and the laziest) recipe calls for 4 eggs yolks (and 1/3 cup sugar, vanilla, 200mls cream, 200mls milk) , so I carefully separate the eggs and put the whites away in the freezer - in pairs.

We did a little casual BBQ-ing today which was the perfect occasion to reduce the egg white supply. It was also a perfect occasion to test out my piping skills, which I'm quite pleased with.

It was also the perfect occasion to give the three tiered vintage cake stand a whirl.

And because it had three tiers and I had two types of meringue (fairy and plain) a tier of white chocolate, almond blondies was required. Shame about that. Good gawd those things are awfully delicious.

The stand was hiding away, flat, in my Mum's cupboard because it was missing the piece that screws the bottom layer into the stand and holds the thing together. She'd had it for years and apparently it was my Uncles' Mums', but she didn't want it anymore. I just visited the hardware shop where the helpful man opened about 15 little packets of screws before finding one that fit.

And now we can have 3 tiers of cake. And a tupperware container full of left over meringues and blondies. Lucky us.

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