Sunday, August 01, 2010

On the Ways of the Op Shop

Did I tell you the one about how good the Op Shop Gods have already been to me in Canberra?

I mostly gave up op shopping in Sydney, other than occassionally popping in, with no expectations, to my local Vinnies and the Tempe tip.

Op shopping wasn't exactly on my mind when we moved to Canberra...until we discovered that when you wear coats every day a coat rack is in order*. So, I began stalking my old hunting grounds only to find they are as fertile as I remembered (we've lived here before).

It's been mostly about the usual discoveries. I found clothes - great clothes, the (plastic) tins above (hello $2 for the set), a gorgeous vintage Mikasa plate and various smurfy treasures.

But how about a knitting machine,

complete with ribber** and

knit radar***

In immaculate complete condition, about 26 punch cards****, full instruction booklets,

machine knitting newsletter from 1973 - still in original addressed envelopes and a wool winder for oh, gee say $40?

And I'm not even keeping it (but I am keeping the wool winder). I conspired with my now-machine-knitting-obsessed partner in knitting machine hunting. And I couldn't be happier to live vicariously through her adventures. Besides, while dragging Mum about on my crazy KM adventures, she revealed to me that I in fact have a knitting machine (it belonged to Sadie). Whoop!

Op Shop Gods I kneal down before you and give thanks.

*Still waiting to find the right coat rack
**Didn't know what that was before the KM adventure
***That either
****Nup nor that. Lucky my partner got straight into obsessive research and could enlighten me.

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