Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, there you are...

Whoops, dropped off a bit there what with the moving interstate (again), lack of internet access, work travel, guests and craft to report in about. I also got my twitter on - much to my own surprise - and so have been hanging out over there instead of here ( - come say hi?).

So understandably my interest in blogging is a little, well, blocked. So I'll just dump some random thoughts...
  • I have been knitting the Smurf some mittens. It was an instant requirement after moving to a cold city during a ridiculous cold snap in the depths of winter. Obviously he requested pink, but with the stash in boxes he is making do with the burnt orange yarn found in the first box at hand.
  • Thanks for all your kind words of support in this post. I do tend to be hyper concerned about giving my craft away and I know I should just let up on that a bit. I'm sure the gift was appeciated.
  • Homemade bagels are the best ever homemade bread experience. I followed this recipe as recommended by 13 Mimosa, although I did have a different recipe with more ingredients book bookmarked for a while. I can't recommend homemade bagels highly enough. Please, try them soon.
  • The Sunday CraftRoom was fabulous. Lots of lovely crafty women, inspiring craft, amazing food, great conversation as always.
  • The house we're renting is full of gorgeous original features which we are so in love with.
  • The house also comes with 2 enormous well established veggie patches. I've already started weeding and studying Stephanie's Kitchen Garden Companion and I'm ready to do some planting.

  • I'm itching to craft but need to unpack the spare room (which includes my craft "room").
Hope to be back sooner next time with some actual craft.

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