Monday, September 20, 2010

Nephew Blanket

I've been gushing all over twitter about this, so apologies if you've heard this story before. But I am just a little bit excited about finishing this, my first crochet project. It's only taken about 7 months, but as far as yarn projects and me go that's not a bad record.

The nephew and I had a bonding moment over crochet on new years eve this year. He's 5. It was special. At the time I was crocheting just for the sake of it because I was enjoying it, but I couldn't settle on a project.

But when you bond with your 5 year old nephew over crochet how can you not immediately start crocheting something.

It was a good decision, he loves it. Immediately snuggled it and asked if he could sleep under it that night. Then later told his Mum that it smells like me (in a good way I pressume). Bless.

Project details:
- Bendigo luxury 8 ply in ice blue and denim 4 x 200g balls.
- A random assortment of granny squares crocheted together as I went
- Lap blanket size, perfect for a kid, but also do-able for an adult

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