Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Little Merchandise Obsessed Cowboy

The Smurf is three! Yep, I can hardly believe it myself. This year he was quite opinionated on how his party should go. Pink cake (which at times morphed into a rocket cake - which I now know can be not necessarily what it should be), everyone dressed as cowboys and all cousins invited.

So I kept to my brief and attempted a bit of cowboy related stuff....sort of.

But what the Smurf really meant was he just wanted to be Woody. But what that really meant at a 3 year old birthday party is, well, come as you are. Or as you want. Or as you decide after you've eaten lunch and you don't want to wear what you're wearing anymore. Whatever.

Apparently one of our friends used to do facepainting. I never knew. Yes of course I'd love you to bring your facepaints. The kids chose their own thing to be painted and here's my confused Cowboy/Puppy Smurf. Bless.

Who cares about themes anyway? Although, my nephew was spot on and my favourite - chose the moustache himself.

Canberra turned on the most amazing day, sunshine, blue skies and warm weather. The garden even popped up a bunch of new flowers for us to admire and the fruit trees started to blossom.

We sprawled all over the backyard on picnic blankets and lazed the day away eating homemade dolmades, sushi, mini pies, mini sausage rolls, soft tacos with pulled pork or greek chicken and corn salsa. The kids ran around making their own fun - apart from a ridiculous effort at Pass the Parcel.

Then it was time for the pink cake.

And meringues, neenish tarts, meringue rings, pink cupcakes, choc chip biscuits and DIY lolly bags!

Before we all headed back out to the backyard for more lazing about, ready for the big "Cowboy Shoot Out" organised by the 5 year old moustached nephew - in collaboration with Gang Gang (Grandad). The rules were even taped to our back door and all cowboys were required to sign that they had read the rules. These kids are the best!

"Rules of Cowboy Shoot Out. Held at Murphy's Party at 2.30pm. You will NOT punch, kick, bite. Signed ...."

So Happy Birthday my beautiful, crazy, always amazing 3 year old Smurf. Daddy and I love you more than words can say.

PS I'm devastated that I decided to get your haircut, although I'm happy I thought to ask you how you wanted it cut - even if you did decide on short!

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