Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Little Picnic Blanket That Could

This is the story of the little picnic blanket that could. It was started more than a year ago. Well and truly more than a year ago. The fabric selection was quick and completely from the stash. The piecing was random and happened quickly.

When I started machine quilting the back and front together - didn't bother with a batting layer as I didn't want any bulk - I realised I had a wonky piece of fabric for the back. Oh well. I just added some "feature" pieces to the edges using the same fabric and you know I'm a little bit in love with the mistake made good.

Then came time to do the binding. I decided I would not cut corners - as I usually do with such things - and so a proper approach was decided upon. You know, sew on one side of the binding then handsew the other side on.

I should have known better. Took me no time to machine sew the first side on. You know where this is going right. But it didn't matter that it took me over a year to finish hand sewing the binding on. We used the blanket anyway. People didn't seem to notice the binding flapping in the breeze.

And finally a couple of weeks ago I finished sewing the binding on. And now spring has sprung the blanket is getting a real work out.

Just so you know I have no issues with shortcutting on binding now.

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